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“No business school's curriculum in international business can be deemed complete without a case study analysis of Africa Open for Business.”
  Prof. Willie B. Lamousé-Smith, Univ. of Maryland

Africa Open for Business can now be licensed for educational use by organizations, schools, colleges, universities, and libraries. The film is an ideal teaching tool for African Studies, International Studies, Business and MBA programs, Media and Communications, among others. 

The film is approximately one hour. The DVD can be shown as either the entire film or individual segments of each entrepreneur. This allows screenings of the full film, shorter screenings of individual countries or sectors of industry, or multiple screenings for use as a series or multiple lessons.  

The DVD features the following extras:

  • 6-minute preview of the film. The preview has been used to open several high level conferences. It can also be used for younger students to spark discussions on how Africa is portrayed and lessons on stereotypes on Africa.
  • Discussion with Carol Pineau, the Producer/Director and Mark Thalman, Director of Photography. Both of these are useful in generating classroom discussion on how Africa is portrayed in the world media and continuing stereotypes on Africa.

Africa Open for Business - $179, plus shipping and handling.

Price includes public performance rights for educational use and teachers guidelines. License does not include broadcast rights. For multiple licenses and broadcast rights, please contact: africabiz@aol.com. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. Early delivery is available at an additional charge. 


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