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Africa Open for Business has had an enormous impact in changing people’s perceptions on Africa.  In 2006, the film will be broadcast in every territory throughout the world and be available in more than 300 million homes.  The film has garnered media attention from many of the world’s top television, newspapers and radio, and screened at numerous prestigious venues.  Below are highlights. To hold a screening, please go to the “Order Film” page.  For media inquiries, please go to the “Press Kit” page or contact

Please check local listings for schedules.

BBC World - May 13 – 28, 2006, Broadcast premiere of expanded three part series. 

National Public Television Stations, US – Fall 2006, Contact your local public television station for broadcasts in your area.  Broadcast on public television was made possible by The Whitaker Group and US Agency for International Development, USAID.

NBPC – Fall 2006, Webcasting segments of expanded version.

The Africa Channel – 2007, Expanded 10-part series.


  • Cannes Film Festival, 2005, Cannes France.  Carol Pineau awarded “Africa Vision” award by Agoralumiere.

  • Banff World Television Festival, 2005, Banff, Canada

  • Cascade Festival of African Films, 2006, Portland, Oregon


  • US Chamber of Commerce, April 11, 2005 - Premiere with James Wolfensohn
  • Time Warner, April 12, 2005 - New York Premiere
  • US Congress, April 200 - screening with Congressman Donald Payne
  • US Department of State, May 2005 - Secretary’s Forum screening with Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Connie Newman.
  • World Economic Forum, June 2005 - showed film to standing-room only audience, opened plenary with short version, and producer spoke at plenary on “Rebranding Africa’s Image.”
  • US-Africa Business Summit, June 2005 (Corporate Council on Africa) – screened 6 minute version and Carol Pineau honored at gala: “In recognition for her efforts to generate positive messages about Africa necessary to increase US Business involvement on the continent through the production of Africa Open for Business.”
  • AGOA Summit, July 2005, (Dakar) – opened summit with short version, screened full film evening prior to summit. Spoke at both government and private enterprise forums. 
  • German Marshall Fund G-8 Event, July 2005, (Edinburgh) – screened film for CEOs, heads of state and government ministers and Carol Pineau keynote speaker at dinner. 
  • G-8 Business Action for Africa (Business Action Committee of Blair Commission on Africa), July 2005 - screened film and producer spoke on rebranding Africa’s image.
  • World Chambers of Commerce Conference (Durban)
  • United Nations, June 2005 - International Conference on Financing for Development

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