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Carol Pineau is a journalist who has specialized in Africa for more than a decade. She has reported for CNN, BBC, NPR, VOA, RFI and other major worldwide broadcasters. Africa Open for Business, her first long-format documentary, screened at the Cannes Film Festival, where she was given the "African Vision Award" by Agoralumiere. She was a plenary speaker at the World Economics Forum and was honored at the US-Africa Business Summit. Ms. Pineau is currently working on other documentary projects.

Throughout two postings in Africa, as well as several assignments worldwide, Ms. Pineau has interviewed both Heads of State and rebel leaders, covering many of the world’s major hot spots.  From the battlefields of the Eritrean/Ethiopian war, she reported live for CNN on, what was at the time, the world’s biggest war.  From Belgrade, she covered the NATO bombings, and from East Timor she reported on the newly independent country’s first elections.  Ms. Pineau reported live on the first-ever genocide conviction at the UN Tribunal for Rwanda, did exclusive reports from a secret military base in rebel-held Eastern Sudan, and was one of the first journalists into Nigeria after the fall of the military dictator.    

Ms. Pineau has also reported extensively on the changing face of Africa.  While living in Paris in the 1990’s, Ms. Pineau hosted and reported for RFI’s (Radio France Internationale) Crossroads, a half-hour world-wide radio show that reported on Africa, for Africa.  The program featured stories on Africa’s trouble spots, as well as business, trade, culture, and more.  She also presented African and international news for the French overseas television RFO (Radio-Television de Frace Outre-Mer).

Ms. Pineau is the author of numerous articles as well as a book.  She currently lives in Washington with her husband and daughter.

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