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"Your analysis of the situation in Africa was very perceptive, and much more balanced than one usually finds in articles about the continent. Please accept my warm congratulations on your documentary entitled, " Africa Open for Business," and my best wishes for your future endeavors."
Kofi Annan, Secretary General, United Nations


I hope you had a chance to watch the film, " Africa Open for Business,"…in there you would see several examples of entrepreneurs who are starting up new ventures and creating jobs.
Paul Wolfowitz, President, The World Bank


“My colleagues and I are very excited about this and very proud that we've had something to do with facilitating it, and we appreciate the artistry and sensitivity and the integrity that you've brought to this film.”
James Wolfensohn, former President, The World Bank


“Your ability to capture the entrepreneurial spirit in Africa is amazing. I deeply appreciate your desire to show that Africans are taking control of their economic future, an aspect rarely depicted in the media. I believe your documentary can not only change our nation's view towards Africa, but also increase foreign investment towards the continent. You have brought justice to Africa by crumbling the stereotypes that bind and opening the eyes of Americans that are often too blind to this other side of Africa.”

Rosa Whitaker, President, The Whitaker Group,

former US Trade Rep for Africa


“We need friends and allies who will tell the world about Africa's increasing economic triumphs. We at the Embassy of Namibia highly appreciate your efforts."
Hopelong Ipinge, Ambassador of Namibia, Washington


“We really need African success stories to show governments that it's okay to allow private sector-led growth.”

Dave Gilmour, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy,

Lilongwe, Malawi


“A truly inspiring film.  I'm just delighted to see how convincingly African entrepreneurs make the case for hope and possibility. Thank you for giving them the opportunity to make that case…it was a textbook illustration of how compelling a success story can be.”

David Devlin-Foltz, Director, Global Interdependence Initiative,

Aspen Institute


“I no longer feel alone when I become stark raving angry over the U.S. media's portrayal of Africa. I have traveled to over 90 different nations for business and pleasure over the past 40 years. I find media coverage of no other continent rivals the disgusting, patronizing and dishonest prominence Africa receives.” 

Bernard J. Fennell, President/CEO. Future Ages Associates,

Blue Springs, MO


“Thank you very much for bringing to light the best kept secret about Africa's growing economy. If you can invest in the Middle East where Americans are hated, why not Africa where they would welcome you with open arms.”

Frederic Gateretse, Analyst-Africa Region, ISM/TranSecur, Inc,

Baltimore, MD


“I am currently looking for something to make small investments in, since the New York Stock Exchange is shaky at the moment.”
Linda, Librarian, Washington, DC


“The film is a solid educational contribution to economic development studies of Africa. From now onwards, no business school's curriculum in international business can be deemed complete without a case study analysis of Africa Open for Business.”

Prof. Willie B. Lamousé-Smith, Department of Africana Studies,

Univ. of Maryland


“This very important film could be used as an educational tool everywhere in the US.”
Simon Goudiaby, Warwick, RI


“You have no idea the impact…on the psyche of Africans living in North America. Years of negative media coverage have taken its toll psychologically on the African community abroad. It has affected our children, even though they are by birth Canadians or Americans.”
Joseph Ashun, Toronto, Canada


“I am an African (Ghanaian) who has lived in Toronto, Ontario, for 35 years. You can't begin to fathom the humiliation I and my African friends have felt over news reports and documentaries on Africa. It's as if people living in Africa have no aspirations or achievements and only stagger from one misfortune to another.”
Don Kohis, Toronto, Canada


“I am a Nigerian medical doctor working in Ireland. The picture you painted of Africa's battering from the foreign media is very correct. Here in Ireland you would almost want to walk in the streets with your face covered because of the way we are portrayed.”
Emmanuel Agwa, Ireland


“I really love your story. I sent it to my entire email list!” 
Takeyah A. Young, Mutsu City, Aomori, Japan


“Your story made me all the more strive for something I have a dream to do.”
Jazio Blaq, born in Ghana, lives in US


“I am so proud of the efforts of the Director and her team – good job guys by promoting the entrepreneur spirit and the potentials of doing business in Africa.”
Timi Ajasa


“It is so hopeful to hear and see positive views of my beloved continent amid all the negativity usually shown on television in the west.” 
Thierno Diallo


“I think the rest of the world should do more in covering the success stories in Africa, that is one way to help Africa, that is to attract investors and also Africans who have decided not to go back to their countries after getting to USA or Europe.” 
Uzoamaka Okenwa, Nigeria


“I sincerely do believe this documentary would help change people and organizations…that look at…our world today from a different perspective.”
Eustace Okere


“…I hope you show the world that Africa is not what they think and that many Africans should stand up and march toward the progress.”
Petus, Belgium


“We as Africans, all know we need more of these to give our continent the exposure it deserves.”


“The documentary is incredibly uplifting [and] tells the often untold success stories. Thanks so much for your contribution to uplifting the image of Africa.”  
Ama Karikari, New York


“I commend any initiative aimed at letting the world know the reality about Africa both positive and negative and not one sided.”  
Kum Emmanuel



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